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Since its inception, Ancon Insurer has grown steadily. These achievements are characterized by a positive technical balance, a level of technical reserves in harmony with the size and distribution of the portfolio and equity that exceeds several times the required by our legislation and schemes Solvency Margin force

la regional de seguros

We are a young , fresh and dynamic dedicated to offer new alternatives to ensure the life and property of people who fight and conquer their dreams live company.


Since its opening in 1912, Pan-American Life Insurance of Panama, S.A., has offered products of life and health, individual and collective. The main factor in selling individual life insurance has been the marketing of universal life for flexibility and variety of them. Similarly, the company offers one of the best group insurance products on the market thanks to the adaptability and individualization to meet the needs of property clientes.s of people struggling to conquer and live their dreams.


We pledge to work with excellence , providing quality service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, within a creative environment, respect and recognition of merit; understanding that profits are the necessary means and measure of success.


The history of our company is a tour which shows growth and business strengthening, achieved through experience and the inclusion of new entities, which have allowed the consolidation Insurance | SURA as a specialized company Insurance Solutions.


AIG is a leading insurance company in damage worldwide, with over 90 years experience in customer service. Our main strength lies in the 34,000 employees who combine global reach with the ability to serve our customers in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. We specialize in corporate and individual insurance with more than 500 innovative products and services , deep knowledge, excellence in claims handling and financial strength. As a result, more than 40 million customers worldwide trust us to meet their needs.

aseguradora del istmo

Since our inception in Aseguradora Del Istmo, we have characterized deliver to our customers based on quality, efficiency and proximity service, achieving customer satisfaction and human resources and also achieving great economic stability expected by shareholders.

nacional de seguros

Being a specialized and leading Aseguradora Microinsurance , Mass and Finance as one of the three best companies in quality of service in Panama .

Our Human Resources will be recognized for excellence, innovation and creativity. The intensive use of technology will allow us to enjoy higher levels of efficiency in the industry.


Generali Insurance is a Spanish insurance company, part of the Italian insurer Assicurazioni Generali, its activity is based on providing insurance solutions to both individuals and SMEs or large corporations.

la internacional de seguros

We pledge to work with excellence, providing quality service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, within a creative environment, respect and recognition of merit; understanding that profits are the necessary means and measure of success.


Since its inception, Aseguradora Mundial excelled in the areas of Individual Life, Group Life and all risks of damage, offering insurance policies lifetime, plans to end both individual and group retirement plans and benefits of accidental death and disability. Also, auto, fire and allied lines, freight, personal accident, civil liability, theft and assault, insurance technical, glass and luminous advertising, performance bonds and others.


Being an organization able to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers risk through timely response through innovative and differentiated products and services.


Backed by a creative and professional human resources, the company is committed to providing excellent service to its customers. ASSA to the main distribution channel are agents and agencies for Personal (Life, Health, Accident and Collective), brokers for General (including Bonds) plus some direct accounts work.


We are a team of professionals working for you personalized and comprehensive manner. In addition, we offer a wide selection of products for your life, home, auto and business with great benefits to guarantee the security of their own.


Insurance FEDPA, S.A. is the company with the largest presence in the cooperative sector of Panama; I regard it as the number one company in this sector. And since its inception has been addressed with a philosophy designed to meet their needs in insurance matters is concerned.


We provide a health insurance for people with a global mindset. Our wide variety of health plans include a recognized level of service available and access thousands of medical facilities and experts worldwide. Offering wellness benefits that go beyond cover emergencies. This means we have designed plans for you to enjoy the best of health.


Insurance Vivir , a company specializing in health and life, comes as part of an initiative of regional expansion of the main shareholders of ARS Humano , a leader in the field of health in the Dominican Republic with more than two decades of experience company , market share 45 %, more than 1 million 200 thousand insured and an annual turnover in excess of US $ 320 million for 2012 .

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