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About Us



J2L is a company that provides risk management and audit services : a platform designed to take a picture of all assets and operations, transforming it into an X-ray to identify risk exposures in order to help design a custom plan.



Liliana Sánchez

Administrative management.


Katherine Linares

Commercial management.

Julio Luque. CEO.

Julio Luque, is Panamanian by birth. After completing his studies in International Commerce at St. Thomas University, of Miami, Florida, he returned to Panama as the marketing manager of CITIBANK. He continued as a marketing manager at several banks, to settle as a marketing manager at Seguros Centralizados, – an insurance broker company-. In this company, Julio gained experience in the industry and was able to build his own business, J2L Insurance Advisors, which has more than 12 years, serving local and international customers and businesses.


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